Spotimote server updated

19 01 2014

Spotimote server updated to version 1.7.4. It fixes the issue preventing users from launching Spotify from the phone. Get it from


Spotimote server 1.7.2

14 01 2014

A new version of the Spotimote server has been released. it fixes the issues with the new version of Spotify (0.9.8). Download it from

Spotimote 1.6.5

8 12 2013

This new version of Spotimote adds a lock screen widget, filters, albums and artists tabs in track listings… Grab it from the Play Store.

web site down

12 10 2013

The spotimote web site is down. You can download the spotimote server from

Spotimote server 1.6.6

23 09 2013

Hey Spotimote users, if you can’t see your playlists in Spotimote, update to spotimote server 1.6.6 (

12 05 2013

Version 1.6.1 of Spotimote is now available.

I hope you will enjoy this new version with an improved UI, playlist access for everybody, access to the tops for spotify premium users…

Spotify search unavailable

20 01 2013

It seems the Spotify servers dedicated to search requests are temporarily unavaible. I updated Spotimote to display an error message when this happens.